Kragh Ulrich Timme

Artykuły w czasopismach:

Kragh Ulrich Timme
Spiegelungen in Daṇḍin’s Mirror: A Comparative Pursuit in the Translatability of Narrative Modes, Historicity, Prose, and Vernacularism across French and Asian Medieval Historiography
Parergon. Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies
rocznik: 35, numer: 2, strony: 29-66, rok wydania: 2018

Kragh Ulrich Timme
Chronotopic Narratives of Seven Gurus and Eleven Texts: A Medieval Buddhist Community of Female Tāntrikas in the Swat Valley of Pakistan
Cracow Indological Studies
rocznik: XX, numer: 2, strony: 1-26, rok wydania: 2018