Assoc. Prof. Dr.Krzysztof Stroński

Dean of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures

room 106B, Collegium Novum
office hours:
Tuesdays 9:00–10:00
Fridays 9:00–10:00
  • Duties
    • creation of an academic discipline development strategy, consistent with the development strategies of the academic field school and the University;
    • formation of a policy for evaluation of the quality of research under a given academic discipline, in conjunction with the discipline council;
    • cooperation with the vice-rector directing the doctoral school in relation to the education of doctoral students and the appointment of their supervisors;
    • organization of the work of the discipline council, if such a council has been established within the faculty;
    • preparation of a preliminary plan and a financial plan for the faculty;
    • disbursement of awarded funds in accordance with the authorisation granted and with the rules laid down by the Rector;
    • support for the obtaining of funding for academic research;
    • support for the commercial use of the results of academic research or development work and for other means of transfer of such results to the economy;
    • oversight of the activity of the faculty’s organizational units;
    • assurance of the functioning of infrastructure and a library and information system at the faculty to the extent necessary for the performance of the faculty’s tasks;
    • provision of personnel for particular study subjects and determination of a timetable for classes, after obtaining the opinion of the programme council for the course of studies;
    • oversight of non-teaching staff as set out in the University’s organizational rules;
    • submission of proposals for employment, awards and the granting of leave;
    • submission of proposals for the appointment of heads of the faculty’s organizational units;
    • submission to the Rector of an annual report on the activities of the faculty;
    • notification of the discipline council of the work of the programme councils of relevant courses of study;
    • indication of courses of study that may form a course group

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Katarzyna Klessa

Deputy Dean for Research

room 117B, Collegium Novum
office hours:
Tuesdays 9:30–11:30
Fridays 9:00–10:00 (Teams)
    • Research activity of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures:
      • coordination of the Faculty’s research policy;
      • reporting on research activity;
      • parametric evaluation;
      • academic promotions and awards
    • Publications:
      • database of work published by members of staff;
      • electronic publications;
      • cooperation with AMU Academic Publishers;
      • cooperation with the Collegium Novum library.
    • Research projects and grants:
      • coordination of policy on the seeking of outside funding for research;
      • cooperation with the Dean’s representative for grants and with leaders of research projects at the Faculty.
    • Chairing the Dean’s Council in case of the Dean’s absence
    • International cooperation

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Andrzej Narloch

Deputy Dean for Students’ Affairs

room 105B, Collegium Novum
office hours:
Tuesdays 9:00–10:00
Fridays 10:00–11:00
appointments can be booked in room 102B, 121B or 122B
    • matters concerning full-time and part-time students, consideration of students’ applications (for leave, retaking of a study year, retaking of study subjects, etc.);
    • social and welfare matters concerning students on full-time and part-time courses;
    • cooperation with the student council;
    • oversight of students’ academic, cultural and sporting initiatives;
    • oversight of students’ work experience and vocational training placements;
    • oversight and coordination of the realization of full-time and part-time study programmes;
    • coordination of the work of the educational quality assurance group;
    • coordination of the process of admissions to full-time and part-time courses of study;
    • cooperation with the group for confirmation of the results of learning;
    • cooperation with the directors of postgraduate courses and professional training courses.

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Marta Woźnicka

Deputy Dean for Organization

room 108B, Collegium Novum
office hours:
Tuesdays 9:00–10:00
Fridays 9:00–10:00
by prior appointment
    • Organization of the teaching process at the Faculty:
      • coordination of the fulfilment of employees’ teaching duties;
      • oversight of study programmes carried out by the Faculty in conjunction with other units of AMU and other educational institutions;
      • coordination of the preparation of new study programmes, applications for the establishment of new courses or specializations, postgraduate courses and professional training courses.
    • Promotion of the Faculty:
      • coordination of the Promotion Group;
      • the Faculty’s online presence;
      • promotional materials.
    • Cooperation between the Faculty and other organizations:
      • cooperation with business;
      • cooperation with schools;
      • contact with graduates (including obtaining information on graduates’ career paths).
    • Oversight of the Faculty’s infrastructure.

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sylwia Mikołajczak

Director of Doctoral Studies

room 117B, Collegium Novum
office hours:
Tuesdays 12:00–13:00
    • matters concerning the Faculty’s doctoral studies programme;
    • personal matters concerning doctoral students;
    • organizational and teaching matters concerning the doctoral studies programme;
    • admissions to the doctoral studies programme;
    • cooperation with the doctoral students’ council.