Studying at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures
Rules for Erasmus+/exchange students

Choosing Courses

Erasmus+ students can choose from almost all the courses offered at AMU divided into the following three groups:

  1. Courses at our faculty:

    - please contact the adequate unit listed below
    - once you have chosen your courses you will be registered (for classes) in our comoputer system (USOS) by the Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator (registration form)

    Institute of German Studies - dr Michał Stefański, tel: +48 61 829 3700
    Specializations: Germanic Philology, Germanic Philology from level A1, Germanic Philology with Russian Philology

    Institute of Romance Studies - dr Agata Lewandowska, tel: +48 61 829 3710
    Specializations: Romance Philology, Spanish Philology, Portuguese Philology, Romanian Philology, Italian Philology

    Institute of East Slavic Philology - dr Małgorzata Wiatr-Kmieciak, tel: +48 61 829 3576
    Specializations: Russian Philology, Ukrainian Philology, Russian Philology with Ukrainian Philology, Russian Philology with English, Ukrainian Philology with English Philology, Russian Philology with applied Linguistics, Image and mediation communication

    Institute of Applied Linguistics - dr Paweł Kornatowski, tel: +48 61 829 3690
    Specializations: Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Empiricial Linguistics and Language Documentation, Computer Linguistics, Ugro-Hungarian Philology, Ugro-Finnish Philology, Modern Greek Philology, Indonesian-Malay Philology, Regions Philologies

    Institute of Oriental Studies
    - mgr Radosław Andrzejewski, tel. +48 61 829 3920
    Specializations: Turkology, Arabic Studies
    - mgr Anna Śledzińska-Adamczak, tel. +48 61 829 2917
    Specializations: Indology, Sinology, Japanese Studies

    Chair of Scandinavian Studies - dr Aleksandra Wilkus-Wyrwa, tel: +48 61 829 3587
    Specializations: Danish Philology, Norwegian Philology, Swedish Philology, Scandinavian Studies, Scandinavian Philology

    Chair of Linguistic Methodology - dr Janusz Kleśta, tel. +48 61 829 3701
    Specializations: Linguistics and information science

  2. Courses at other faculties:

    - please contact your faculty coordinator (Ms M. Ratajczak) for further information
    - coordinators at other AMU faculties:

  3. AMU-PIE:

    - Amu-Pie - a special program designed especially for international students (Adma Mickiewicz University- Program in English). It is independent of the AMU faculties and offers a wide variety of courses in English (and other languages) that may be of interest to you as well,
    - For AM-PIE courses you need to register by yourself – “token registration” (information sent by AMU International Office  -

Technical steps

To attend your classes you may need to perform these steps:

1. View the basics of AMU Moodle at

2. See that you can log into Moodle SNJL at - using your AMU student’s username and USOS password.

3. Visit the tutorial page for basic information about MS Teams at AMU, and about AMU student mail.

4. We also recommend accessing these pages (some might require logging in in your browser, some may not have been refreshed since 2021 but nevertheless contain useful info):